Press Release: Del Mar High contracts Inkerij for Coaching Sessions

Inkerij's objective will be to listen and help Del Mar HIgh School's teachers identify those inner working parts....

Friday February 4, 2022

San Gabriel Unified School District’s Del Mar High School contracts Umar Hakim-Dey for professional coaching sessions, with its teaching staff. Del Mar High School provide students with a comprehensive learning experience, to become future leaders. The school’s leadership Principal M.A. Qawi supports his staff with comprehensive leadership development, he says… “by empowering our teachers and staff, we also empower each student-leader with the best chance to achieve their dreams…”

Inkerij is certified by Coaching Healing Liberation Justice who “seeks to uncover and rediscover traditional and adaptive ways of living out our value systems of expansiveness and liberation for collective healing.” Inkerij’s objective will be to listen and help Del Mar High School’s teachers identify those inner working parts; so they can raise, reduce, eliminate, and create new possibilities for themselves and the education of their students.

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“INKERIJ helps to build capacity for purpose-driven organizations and individuals through program development, audience insights, and 1-to-1 professional coaching.”


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