About Us

Tapping into hidden potential

INKERIJ® began as an idea for a social entrepreneur fellowship at Cambridge University. After interviewing his Los Angeles based network, founder Umar Hakim heard the word “encourage” as a recurring theme. He researched its deeper meaning and applications to the social justice space. The pronunciation of “encourage” also stood out. Umar registered INKERIJ as a U.S. patent and trademark.

We used the hashtag #INKERIJ to promote conscientious actions and manufactured INKERIJ promotional wear and merchandise as “a brand for leaders” that is directly connected to Umar’s social mission to help identify the hidden potential​ of people and organizations and to promote social responsibility, community accountability, and leadership growth.

Inkerij mission is to build capacity for purpose-driven organizations and individuals through program development, audience insights, and 1-to-1 professional coaching.


About Us

The Founder’s Journey

Umar Hakim is a native of Compton, California reared by a single Guyanese mother. His personal experience combined with his expertise and social capital has made him a keen advisor and thought leader for today’s challenges.

INKERIJ’s blueprint for leadership advises individuals and organizations in identifying empowering social opportunities vitally important to their role. We help leaders remain relevant in a constantly changing world – including preparing for a post-COVID era.

Why Us

Why Leaders Choose to Work With Us


We generate new ideas by using interactive Design Thinking exercises and actionable insights gleaned from your audience.


We work with organizations that put their heart and soul into the people they serve but need help to define strategy and deliver results.


For more than a decade, we’ve helped organizations unlock their fullest potential through purpose-centered programming with the power to transform people and communities. 


Businesses and organizations need to be increasingly socially engaged and connected to improve their relevance and impact. We can help with that.

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We love collaborating with forward-thinking brands and individuals. Let’s change the world!

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