Building Capacity

Inkerij builds capacity for purpose-driven organizations and individuals through program development, audience insights, and 1-to-1 professional coaching.

Who we serve

Inkerij assists leaders in matters of diversity and equity, community building, civic engagement, and educational institutions. We also coach individuals and groups who would like to better understand themselves.


We help an organization to discover its hidden competencies by exploring the org’s inner workings that will make it a more effective and sustainable unit. Increase personal potential and enrich the lives of your organization and its audience. Contact us to learn more.

Board of Directors

Transform your board’s potential and go beyond tasks and processes. Invite them to dive and discover their own leadership, learn how to participate with staff in more meaningful ways, and become a co-pilot with the CEO and/ or your Executive Director. Reach out to learn more.


Inkerij’s certified coaching are confidential sessions that helps to identify your own inner workings, let’s rebuild potential. Helping leaders lead with more meaning, purpose, and growth. Virtual or phone sessions available. Learn more and schedule a session today.

One-Day Workshop Retreat

Gain insight through sessions designed to build capacity and camaraderie between management, staff, and/or a board of directors. Explore your “World Is it is” and identify its inner workings. Let’s Build personal worth and a gain healthier insight into an organization’s needs and values. Inkerij Deep-Dive Blue Ocean Approach (BOA) helps to build and organize insightful and actionable next steps for your team.


Interactive sessions


Customized for your organization


Deep dives with your team


Blue Ocean Approach


Build and organize insights


Actionable next steps

1:1 Coaching & Self-Discovery

Inkerij is a safe space for confidential and professional coaching. We take individuals and groups on an exploration of self-discovery, identify your inner workings, and build an actionable plan toward reaching your true self. Inkerij is a certified coach by “Coaching-Healing-Liberation-Justice.”


Safe space


Confidential sessions


Individuals and groups


Certified coach


Reach your true self


Actionable plan

Unlike any advisor or consultancy

Our interactive approach is a deep-dive into social-emotional learning, an experience to internalize “your world as is” in today’s context. A discovery of inner working parts, improve self-awareness, and gain actionable insights for institutional transformation.

“It was an amazing morning and we all gained so much through the experience. The conversations focused on learning about each other’s stories and understanding how we all have differences and issues we are dealing with. After learning each other’s stories, we realized how much we all have in common…”

Jim Symonds, San Gabriel Unified School District Superintendent

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