Why Shop INKERIJ®?

It is exactly one-year since INKERIJ® has been granted its 501(c)(3) status. We hope to be considered as a socially responsible organization for change ~ thank you the Support!

Inkerij Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Social Enterprise, selling products that Leaders can wear and use with positive statements. What started as a hashtag in 2016, now offers brand products having an encouraging message with a reputation of social equity in Los Angeles. Inkerij understands that “Power is Built Locally.”

Nonprofits are community and domestic-based organizations funded through various traditional means such as philanthropy, fund-raising campaigns, and public/ private donations. While Inkerij Foundation is focused on developing itself as a business, traditional sources of philanthropy are very much apart of its model. Inkerij helps to build capacity of leaders by being an example pillar of self-determination and vision.

Purchasing INKERIJ ® 1970 brand products is a solid choice. Quality-made items that generate jobs and supports local entrepreneurs. Over the last year, Inkerij has sponsored non-profit events, given charity for the sick or those unemployed, and has offered local entrepreneurs professional growth opportunities. Our charitable efforts are facilitated in confidence, but is transparent for financial and legal reasons.

INKERIJ ® brand is known for its efforts in Southern California as a community organizer, for civic engagement, and advisory through a grassroots’ lens to both individuals and organizational leaders.

Inflation is high these days, but inkerij is doing its best to provide quality products at cost-effective prices. We are committed to becoming a trusted community partner of value and integrity that utilizes its “will and ability” for just purposes.. Your Support Matters ~ Thank You Much!

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