Press Release: San Gabriel Unified School District and Inkerij ~ Deep Dive Workshops

It was an amazing morning and we all gained so much through the experience.

In March 2020, Inkerij was asked to facilitate its “Deep Dive” workshop by the San Gabriel Unified School District (SGUSD.) The objective was to help students and its faculty gain a deeper understanding for one another and to resolve any microaggressions, on its high school campus. As a result, INKERIJ will be facilitating several workshops and coaching; designed to help SGUSD’s student-leadership, its faculty, and administration _ scale efforts through social emotional training. 

SGUSD’s Superintendent Jim Symonds said… “It was an amazing morning and we all gained so much through the experience. The conversations focused on learning about each other’s stories and understanding how we all have differences and issues we are dealing with. After learning each other’s stories, we realized how much we all have in common…”

Inkerij is currently facilitating several conversations in Los Angeles with civic and educational organizations, and the LA’s interfaith sector to build capacity and strengthen leadership relations. 

We help individuals to emphasize, define, and ideate a more authentic approach that aligns with those workers and communities on the frontlines for social change. We can especially help design a post COVID-19 approach to your work.

Respectfully Umar Hakim-Dey | CEO | Follow @inkerij_encourage 

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