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INKERIJ helps to build capacity for purpose-driven organizations and individuals through program development, audience insights, and 1-to-1 #blueocean professional coaching.

In the midst of the Los Angeles “Stay at Home” orders (September 2020,) the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) hired INKERIJ as a consultant, specifically as an empowerment to develop programming, to create a new council for cultural competence and to deepen community engagement.

INKERIJ (pronounced as encourage) helps to build capacity for purpose-driven organizations and individuals through program development, audience insights, and 1-to-1 #blueocean professional coaching.

We helped to create MPAC’s African American Muslim Insight Council (AAMIC,) which is comprised of four African American Muslims from different professions and perspectives, to ensure the African American’s voice is properly seen and honored. MPAC has worked to ensure that African American Muslim voices are represented and included in MPAC’s outreach and advocacy. This group has improved the organization’s cultural fluency of the African American community and its historical facts, especially how it has worked to establish social justice that honors our narratives as a Prophetic community.

Through the support, encouragement, and insights of INKERIJ, the Muslim Public Affairs Council has made progress in its programs and its mission. MPAC has:

  • Worked since September 2020 to build strategic trust with African American leaders by establishing AAMIC, the first council of its kind consisting of four African American Muslim professionals that provide MPAC with deeper insight into the African American Muslim community and its historical culture.
  • Emphasized the importance of centering Black leadership and entrepreneurship within the organization by hiring INKERIJ for insight advisory, content development, civic engagement, and community organizing.
  • Stood in solidarity with our African American brothers and sisters during the George Floyd protests and offered a statement of solidarity in the summer of 2020.
  • Supported the International Museum of Muslim Cultures (IMMC) in Jackson, Mississippi, with ongoing virtual programming featuring in-depth discussions about the contributions of African Americans to the fabric of America and an up-close view of the museum’s historical exhibits that feature the legacy of African Americans during the civil rights movement and more.
  • Built an increasingly diverse board with a greater African American Muslim presence, guiding their policy initiatives towards greater progress.
  • Held programming with African American Christians to engage in interfaith dialogue.
  • Stood together with African American voices on MLK Day 2021 and delivered a Message of Solidarity for health, security, and protection.
  • Consulted with AFI Conservatory on an independent short film to ensure a relevant and authentic Muslim portrayal.
  • Consulted with the African American Muslim Insight Council to advise on policy addressing White Supremacy and law enforcement reform.
  • Heard from important African American voices which emphasized the clear parallels between the African American movements and Palestinian movements for justice.
  • Featured African American voices as speakers during its 2020 Convention.
  • Accepted applicants from the Black Muslim community into their 2021 Congressional Leadership Development Program (CLDP) cohort.

Inkerij helps individuals and organizations to emphasize, define, and ideate a more authentic approach that aligns with those workers and communities on the frontlines for social change. We can especially help design a post COVID approach.

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